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The Emergency Stop

by Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight

Learn how to perform the one-rein stop and the pulley-rein stop with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight’s proven techniques. Read More

How to Select Kids’ Reins

by Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight

Are you selecting reins for a child to use? Here are a few pointers from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. * Always provide reins. First and foremost, make sure that the child (or a rider of any... Read More

No-Pinch Bit

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Divine Saddlery The Dee-Snaffle-Eggbutt-Lightweight Normal Plate Bit from Divine Saddlery’s Winning Tongue Plate Bit line, is considered appropriate for... Read More

Horse-Rescue Story: Lucky

by Purina Animal Nutrition

Lucky was living in cramped quarters, blind in one eye, and had a Henneke Scale body-condition score of 1. Then Equine WellBeing Rescue stepped in. Read on for Lucky’s rescue story. Read More

Horse-Rescue Story: Ramius

by Purina Animal Nutrition

Ramius was a stray stallion with a Henneke Scale body-condition score of 2. True Blue Animal Rescue brought him back to health. Read on for Ramius’ rescue story. Read More

Summer Trails

by Audrey Pavia

Here are three enjoyable summertime riding destinations: Bridle Trails State Park near Seattle, Washington; Flying R Ranch near St. Louis, Missouri; and East Fork Stables near Knoxville, Tennessee. Read More

Equine Traveling Papers

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD

Here’s a rundown of key documents you need when you travel with your horse. When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines. Some documents show your horse is healthy. Some will help you if you're in an emergency situation. Read More

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD

Time to tune up your trailer for summer's trail-riding adventures. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here's a handy checklist. Read More

Camp Canada!

by Shawn Hamilton

Five, four, three, two, one, and off he goes! Sipping a glass of wine poolside, I watched the crazy whitewater rafter plunge headfirst into the chilly Ottawa river attached to a... Read More

Best of the Northwest

by Kent & Charlene Krone

Head to the Pacific Northwest for the guest-ranch vacation of your dreams! The beautiful states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and northwest Montana offer first-class ranch experience for trail... Read More

Hydration & Cool-Down Tips

by Cynthia McFarland

Here’s how to help keep your trail horse hydrated and safely cool him down after your ride. Read More

Your Horse's Vital Signs

by The Certified Horsemanship Association

Learn how to check your horse’s pulse, respiration, and temperature with this information from the Certified Horsemanship Association. Bonus video! Read More

Discover Hidden Hills

by Charlene Krone

Visit southeast Oklahoma, and discover a world of evergreen-covered hills, clear streams, and good horse camps. Read More

Wild Wyoming

by Shawn Hamilton

As you step out of your teepee on an early moonlit morning to tack up your horse before sunrise, you wonder if you’re really on vacation. Yet by the second day, as you slowly sneak up on a herd Read More

Desert Gem

by Kent Krone

In Southern California, there exists a 600,000-acre desert gem awaiting exploration by enthusiastic horsemen. Located east of San Diego, the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park (760/767-5311; offers 1,000 square miles of wilderness Read More

January/February 2017

Our Current Issue,
January/February 2017:

  • Ultimate Peak-to-Desert Adventure

    In Prescott National Forest, you’ll ride through cool ponderosa forests, pinion and juniper woodlands, and desert grasslands. At night, you’ll camp in a horseman’s paradise.

  • Horse Owner’s Winter Notebook

    A roundup of seasonal tips, checklists, and guides — on health care, hoof care, hauling, nutrition, blanketing, and management — to help you keep your horse healthy and safe all winter long.

  • Spirit of the Black Hills

    The 11,000-acre Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, near Rapid City, South Dakota, is home to small herds of rare Spanish Mustangs. We take you on a tour of this windswept sanctuary.

Next Issue, March 2017:

Which Saddle is for You?

Find the right saddle for your riding needs with our expert trail-saddle shopping guide.

The Charms of Charma

Tucked between the southern foothills of the San Juan Mountains and western reaches of the Brazos Mountains, Chama is a natural magnet for avid trail riders.

Horse Owner's Winter Notebook

Here's how to prolong your trailer's life and prepare it for a harsh winter, while keeping it ready in case of an emergency.

Settle Your Cinchy Horse

Learn how to settle your cinchy horse for problem-free saddling with this technique from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

Your Trailer: The Ride Inside

Seven ways you can control your trailer’s interior environment to enhance your horse’s safety and well-being.

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