Top Trailer Innovations

by Lauren Anne Back With so many choices, shopping for a new trailer can be an adventure in itself. Here, we’ll show you the latest innovative highlights of several top 2016 trailer lines in the areas of safety,... Read More

15 Equine-Travel Emergency Supplies

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD Don’t leave home without these essential emergency supplies recommended by trailering expert Rebecca Gimenez, PhD. Read More

4 Steps to Safe Winter Hauling

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD Haul your horse all winter long with this expert four-step strategy. Read More

Travel First-Aid Kit

by Shawn Hamilton with Laurel Gould When traveling with your horse, there are a number of items that your first-aid kit should always contain. Here, we’ll first supply you with a few container tips. Then we’ll provide a... Read More

Attitude Adjustments

by Tom & Neva Scheve If your trailer isn’t balanced, your horse’s soundness is at risk. Here are six expert ways to level your unbalanced trailer to help keep your horse safe on the road. Read More

Your Horse’s Perspective

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD “Ack! What was that?” Calliope asked nervously of her trailer companion. “It’s a chain banging over your head,” replied Zeus, an experienced traveler, as the two... Read More

On-the-Road Veterinary Care

by Jessica Jahiel, PhD You’re on the road with your horse, in an unfamiliar place, when your horse suddenly pulls up lame. Or, he becomes injured. Or colics. Or comes down with a mysterious illness. You’re... Read More

USRider® Member Story: A Drive for Adventure

by Kristin S. This Ohio carriage driver enrolled in USRider Equestrian Motor Plan the night before trailering her ponies to the Carriage Round Up at the Kentucky Horse Park. She was glad she did. Read More

Easy Trailer-Loading Fix

by Julie Goodnight with Heidi Melocco Learn how to avoid common trailer-loading mistakes, and load your horse every time you ask, with these steps from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. Read More

7 Senior-Horse Travel Tips

by Lindsey Mulvany Your senior horse is an old friend, a companion you’ve had for years with which you’ve overcome challenges that have made you the team you are today. The aging process affects all... Read More

Trailer Spruce-Up Tips

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD You’ll need to tune up your trailer for this season’s towing needs, whether or not you’ve used your trailer during winter months. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you... Read More

Inclement Weather Trailering Safety

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD Late fall and early winter can be a beautiful time to travel with your horse, but this time of year is also notorious for inclement weather. Here are 15 expert trailer-loading and driving tips. Read More

Protective Travel Gear

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD Should you use protective gear when you trailer your horse? One could argue that no safety gear will prevent your horse from hitting steel or aluminum in an accident. However, protective gear can help... Read More

Correct Problem Behavior

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD Correct potentially dangerous trailer behavior with these expert techniques. Read More

Trailer Footing: 10 Expert Tips

by Fran Jurga It can happen in the blink of an eye: Your horse rushes down the trailer ramp, slips, and falls. Or, it can happen during a two-hour trailer  ride: You arrive at your destination to find your... Read More

January/February 2017

Our Current Issue,
January/February 2017:

  • Ultimate Peak-to-Desert Adventure

    In Prescott National Forest, you’ll ride through cool ponderosa forests, pinion and juniper woodlands, and desert grasslands. At night, you’ll camp in a horseman’s paradise.

  • Horse Owner’s Winter Notebook

    A roundup of seasonal tips, checklists, and guides — on health care, hoof care, hauling, nutrition, blanketing, and management — to help you keep your horse healthy and safe all winter long.

  • Spirit of the Black Hills

    The 11,000-acre Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, near Rapid City, South Dakota, is home to small herds of rare Spanish Mustangs. We take you on a tour of this windswept sanctuary.

Next Issue, July/August 2014:

  • Power Ions          

    In summer’s heat, your horse might need an electrolyte supplement. Here’s what you need to know.

  • The Superstition Mountains

    Few mountain ranges are as steeped in lore, intrigue, and mystery as Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. 

  • Sharpen Your Skills

    Part 11: Endurance Riding 101

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