Arizona Ranch Getaway

by Cynthia McFarland

Growing up in southern Arizona, I remember the mountains surrounding Tucson being more than rugged and majestic. Their distinctive landmarks were as familiar to me as my own backyard. I spent... Read More

Golden Trails

by Cynthia McFarland

For trail-riding paradise, head for Golden Acres Foxtrotter Rest ‘N’ Ride, nestled in the heart of Florida’s Horse Country. Read More

Top Gaited-Horse Clinicians

by Cynthia McFarland

Smooth-gaited horses are tops on the trail, offering a comfortable, surefooted ride. And with a variety of gaited breeds, there’s literally a horse for every rider.  Clinicians... Read More

Roundtable: Gaited-Horse Clinicians

by Cynthia McFarland

Smooth-gaited horses are tops on the trail, offering a comfortable, surefooted ride. And with a variety of gaited breeds, there’s literally a horse for every rider. Clinicians specializing in... Read More

Land of Enchantment

by Cynthia McFarland

I grew up in Tucson, Arizona. But, I’m sorry to say, I’ve never spent time in neighboring New Mexico.  So, when my good friend and riding buddy, Mary McDuffie, and I started planning... Read More

Hydration & Cool-Down Tips

by Cynthia McFarland

Here’s how to help keep your trail horse hydrated and safely cool him down after your ride. Read More

Use TTouch to Awaken Your Lazy Horse with Linda Tellington-Jones

by Cynthia McFarland

A "dull" or lazy horse can take all the joy out of a trail ride. If you have a slow or lazy horse, ask yourself the following questions: Is your horse taking in enough "fuel" and adequately fed for Read More

Horse Tack Check with Lynn Palm

by Cynthia McFarland

Join world-champion trainer Lynn Palm as she guides you through a tack check to optimize the safety and comfort of both you and your horse. Lynn Palm will teach you how to check your saddle, saddle pad, Read More

The Tellington Training Bit from Linda Tellington-Jones

by Cynthia McFarland

The Tellington Training Bit, made from stainless steel, has a softening effect on the horse's mouth. Learn more about how this bit helps your horse become more relaxed and supple. Read More

Horse Stiff Back Solutions

by Cynthia McFarland

If your horse has a stiff and sore back, there are many potential causes. Linda Tellington-Jones explains possible reasons for your horse's discomfort and offers solutions to help him feel better. Read More

Calm Rider, Calm Horse

by Cynthia McFarland

It’s impossible to relax and enjoy yourself when your horse is fretting and you’re worried he may be “uptight” Read More

A Touch of Healing with the TTouch Method

by Cynthia McFarland

TTouch founder Linda Tellington-Jones explains how her methods can help your horse during a backcountry emergency until you can get veterinary treatment. Read More

The Power of Touch

by Cynthia McFarland

Linda Tellington-Jones is perhaps best known for her revolutionary Tellington Method, which uses bodywork known as TTouch (pronounced “tee-touch”) to influence the horse’s behavior, Read More

Craig Cameron's Top Trail Tips

by Cynthia McFarland

Cowboys are known for many things; practicality and common sense are at the top of the list. Thanks to a lifetime of ranching and rodeoing and conducting clinics for more than two decades, Craig Read More

6 Horse-Hunting Hints

by Cynthia McFarland

You know what you're looking for in a dream trail horse, you just need to locate him. Here are six great places to start your search. Read More

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January/February 2017

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January/February 2017:

  • Ultimate Peak-to-Desert Adventure

    In Prescott National Forest, you’ll ride through cool ponderosa forests, pinion and juniper woodlands, and desert grasslands. At night, you’ll camp in a horseman’s paradise.

  • Horse Owner’s Winter Notebook

    A roundup of seasonal tips, checklists, and guides — on health care, hoof care, hauling, nutrition, blanketing, and management — to help you keep your horse healthy and safe all winter long.

  • Spirit of the Black Hills

    The 11,000-acre Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, near Rapid City, South Dakota, is home to small herds of rare Spanish Mustangs. We take you on a tour of this windswept sanctuary.

Next Issue, March 2017:

Which Saddle is for You?

Find the right saddle for your riding needs with our expert trail-saddle shopping guide.

The Charms of Charma

Tucked between the southern foothills of the San Juan Mountains and western reaches of the Brazos Mountains, Chama is a natural magnet for avid trail riders.

Horse Owner's Winter Notebook

Here's how to prolong your trailer's life and prepare it for a harsh winter, while keeping it ready in case of an emergency.

Settle Your Cinchy Horse

Learn how to settle your cinchy horse for problem-free saddling with this technique from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

Your Trailer: The Ride Inside

Seven ways you can control your trailer’s interior environment to enhance your horse’s safety and well-being.

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