Log Crossing Technique on the Trail

by Hannah Sheppard

“My 6-year-old Quarter Horse gelding is good-minded overall and nice to ride on the trail. However, whenever we come to a log, he balks, snorts, and starts jigging. If I kick him and try Read More

Conquer Trailer Fear

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: Six months ago, I bought a 4-year-old Appaloosa gelding. He was delivered to me. I recently bought a two-horse, straight-load trailer to haul to trailheads near my home. I soon found that my Read More

Help Your Stalled Horse

by J.F. Sheppard

  Q: I board my recently purchased 6-year-old Arabian gelding at a stable near my home. The stable has only stalls, no pastures. (It does have turnout areas I can use when I'm there.) Read More

Ask the Trainer: Other People's Horses

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: I don't currently own a horse, but I've owned and ridden horses for 20 years. I now enjoy trail riding horses provided by professional outfitters. Friends often offer their "extra" horses to me for trail riding with them. Read More

Group-Ride Guidelines

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: My 14-year-old Quarter Horse gelding performs well on trail rides when we ride with up to eight others. He's also fine with our Paint Horse when we work both in our arena. But last fall, I Read More

Teach the Neck Rein

by Hannah Sheppard

Q: I recently bought a 4-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. He's good-minded and has done well on the trails so far. However, I still use a two-handed, direct rein, as he doesn't know how to Read More

Fast Riders, Dangerous Rides

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: My horse behaves great on trail, except when I trail ride with a group of young riders (under 16 years old), who ride fast and frequently change positions. Then my horse becomes uncontrollable. Read More

Ask the Trainer Highlights

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: In the March/April '05 issue ("Weanling Work"), you referred to lateral flexion. I'd like to know more what you mean by lateral flexion, and why it's important in a trail horse. Also, how do I teach Read More

Stop Balky Behavior

by Hannah Sheppard

Q: I'm 13 years old and own a 7-year-old Quarter Horse gelding named Louie. My grandmother bought him for me last April. Louie is now in a pasture with five cows. When I first started riding him, Read More

Nip Biting in the Bud

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: My 3-year-old Quarter Horse gelding has been started well on the ground and under saddle. But he nips at me at times and has actually bitten me on my arm twice. I do hand feed him treats, and he Read More

Is My Horse Too Young for Trail Riding

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: I've been trail riding for several years. My 3-year-old Quarter Horse gelding has been in training for the Western show arena for about six months. He's very quiet and a great trail horse. I've been riding/training him about four Read More

Horse Clipping Tips

by Hannah Sheppard

I'd like to teach my 6-year-old Paint Horse mare to accept electric clippers. I don't show, but I do like to keep her muzzle, jaw, and bridle path clipped. Every time I turn on the clippers Read More

Spook Control

by J.F. Sheppard

I have an 11-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. I ride him on trails that allow motorized vehicles. He just can't seem to stop spooking when he hears and sees any kind of motorized vehicle, including a tractor. How do you teach a horse not to spook at Read More

Teach the Sidepass

by J.F. Sheppard

I'd like to teach my 6-year-old Arabian mare to sidepass, so it'll be easier to open and close gates on the trail while mounted. What training method do you use to teach a horse to sidepass? Read More

Spur Training

by J.F. Sheppard

Q: My 6-year-old Appaloosa gelding balks on the trail and just plain won't pick up any speed when I ask him to. Sometimes, he won't even move forward at a walk. A friend told me to use spurs to get my Read More

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  • Horse Owner’s Winter Notebook

    A roundup of seasonal tips, checklists, and guides — on health care, hoof care, hauling, nutrition, blanketing, and management — to help you keep your horse healthy and safe all winter long.

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    The 11,000-acre Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, near Rapid City, South Dakota, is home to small herds of rare Spanish Mustangs. We take you on a tour of this windswept sanctuary.

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