Dead Horse Ranch State Park

by Jule Drown

Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Arizona, offers miles of riding trails featuring gorgeous vistas. The park sits on the outskirts of Cottonwood, just a few miles west of Interstate 17, between Phoenix... Read More

Winter Riding in Arizona

by Jule Drown

From November through April, the warm, sunny Arizona desert offers winter trail riding at its finest. Here, Jule Drown rides her gelding, Alegro, while ponying Clementino, on a beautiful... Read More

The Arizona Trail

by Jule Drown

Fewer than 20 people have ever ridden the entire National Arizona Scenic Trail, known as the Arizona Trail, which winds 820 miles from the Mexican border to Utah.  Those who have managed to ride... Read More

Some Like It Hot

by Jule Drown

You’re not a true desert dweller if you don’t like Arizona’s summer heat. In fact, you better like it warm even if you’re just visiting Arizona in the winter. In February, it... Read More

Catalina Horse Camping

by Jule Drown

You can horse camp year-round at this scenic state park a short trailer-ride from Tucson, Arizona. Read More

Sharing the Fun

by Jule Drown

This issue, I’d like to introduce you to two of my trail riding buddies: Lauren, the fearless rider, and Elaine, an athlete who returned to riding after a traumatic experience. I’ll also Read More

Graduating to the Trail

by Jule Drown

Last fall, I started my Paso Fino gelding, Clementino, under saddle with the help of local trainer Amy Bourk. Amy is based at the Rex Ranch in Amado, Arizona, located about an hours drive south Read More

Clementino's First Ride

by Jule Drown

It seems like just yesterday that I went out on Easter morning to find Clementino on wobbly legs trying to suck on the lip of a dumpster in our barn breezeway. He'd been foaled during the night, Read More

Summer Getaway

by Jule Drown

I'm a big fan of horse clinician Clinton Anderson and his practical methods of horse training, called Downunder Horsemanship (888/287-7432; There are many wonderful trainers, local and national. I find Clinton Anderson Read More

Why a Registered Horse?

by Jule Drown

Buying a purebred or registered horse for trail riding might seem like a luxury at a time when the other costs of horse ownership - such as feed, fuel, and board - are rising. And, due to the dismal Read More

Count Your Blessings

by Jule Drown

As trail riders, we enjoy an abundance of blessings. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on our good fortune. We're lucky we have the opportunity to ride our horses while experiencing Read More

A Bit of Advice

by Jule Drown

I sometimes have trouble controlling my hot, nervous Paso Fino mare, Natalie Bravo, on trail rides. She flings her head and neck while trying to break into a faster gait (the faster the better, in Read More

Suicide Pass Trail Ride

by Jule Drown

Recently, I was riding with my neighbor, John, who's lived in the same home and ridden horses for 61 years, ever since his father came to Tucson to operate a dude ranch. I asked John if he happened Read More

Horse Boots and Saddles

by Jule Drown

I'm glad I permanently removed my horses' shoes a few years ago. Since then, I've learned a few things about helping my horses transition to barefoot trail riding. A horse saddle Read More

Ride into your Golden Years

by Jule Drown

If you're a trail rider upwards of 40, I'll bet you sometimes wish you still had the body of a youngster - full of energy, less plump, and free of aches and pains. Although we can't turn back the hands Read More

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January/February 2017

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January/February 2017:

  • Ultimate Peak-to-Desert Adventure

    In Prescott National Forest, you’ll ride through cool ponderosa forests, pinion and juniper woodlands, and desert grasslands. At night, you’ll camp in a horseman’s paradise.

  • Horse Owner’s Winter Notebook

    A roundup of seasonal tips, checklists, and guides — on health care, hoof care, hauling, nutrition, blanketing, and management — to help you keep your horse healthy and safe all winter long.

  • Spirit of the Black Hills

    The 11,000-acre Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, near Rapid City, South Dakota, is home to small herds of rare Spanish Mustangs. We take you on a tour of this windswept sanctuary.

Next Issue, March 2017:

Which Saddle is for You?

Find the right saddle for your riding needs with our expert trail-saddle shopping guide.

The Charms of Charma

Tucked between the southern foothills of the San Juan Mountains and western reaches of the Brazos Mountains, Chama is a natural magnet for avid trail riders.

Horse Owner's Winter Notebook

Here's how to prolong your trailer's life and prepare it for a harsh winter, while keeping it ready in case of an emergency.

Settle Your Cinchy Horse

Learn how to settle your cinchy horse for problem-free saddling with this technique from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

Your Trailer: The Ride Inside

Seven ways you can control your trailer’s interior environment to enhance your horse’s safety and well-being.

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