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How to Select Kids’ Reins

by Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight
Are you selecting reins for a child to use? Here are a few pointers from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight. * Always provide reins. First and foremost, make sure that the child (or a rider of any......Read More

No-Pinch Bit

Credit: Photo Courtesy of Divine Saddlery The Dee-Snaffle-Eggbutt-Lightweight Normal Plate Bit from Divine Saddlery’s Winning Tongue Plate Bit line, is considered appropriate for......Read More

Horse-Rescue Story: Lucky

by Purina Animal Nutrition
Lucky was living in cramped quarters, blind in one eye, and had a Henneke Scale body-condition score of 1. Then Equine WellBeing Rescue stepped in. Read on for Lucky’s rescue story. ...Read More

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Laminitis: Autumn Risks

by Fran Jurga

At home and on the road, your horse may be at risk for laminitis when turned out on autumn grass. Here’s why your horse is at risk and how to help prevent this potentially crippling disease. Read More


by Bonnie Davis

Here in California we’ve had 4, 5 years of drought, no rain.  Creeks dried up.  Dams had no water to release.  Lakes evaporated with thousands of dead fish laying in the... Read More

Miniature Horses, Maximum Service

by Bob and Linda Smith

USRider Member story: This Miniature Horse drill-team member sees the light while traveling from Arizona to California to participate in the Pasadena’s renowned Rose Parade. Read More

Ride the North Cascades

by Kent & Charlene Krone

Head to Washington’s vast North Cascades for spectacular trail riding, horse camping, and backcountry packing into pristine wilderness. Read More

Resistol Launches Western-Style Safety Headgear

Do you want to be safety-conscious on the trail and in trail competition, but don't want to sacrifice your Western look? Resistol is introducing... Read More

Our Current Issue,
January/February 2016:

  • Back Your Trailer Without Fear

    A simple system from these nationally recognized trailer experts takes the mystery out of a common hauling challenge.

    by Tom & Neva Scheve

  • The North Cascades

    We show you the best spots to trail ride and horse camp in Washington’s North Cascades, which encompass the Okanogan National Forest, the Pasayten Wilderness, and North Cascades National Park. Plus, we take you on a Back Country Horsemen of America Wester

    by Kent & Charlene Krone

  • Avoid 7 Desert Dangers

    Winter is a great time to hit desert trails — but be cautious. Here, Arizona journalist Jule Drown gives you the rundown on seven dangers lurking on desert trails: trailering challenges; cactus spines; heat stroke; dehydration; venomous snakes; scorpions;

    by Jule Drown

  • Trailer-In Camping Guide

    Time to plan this season’s equine adventures! Here, we give you tips on camping with a living-quarters trailer. Then we give you a rundown on trailer-in campgrounds that offer hookups, amenities, community, and more!

    by Kent & Charlene Krone

Next Issue, March 2016:

    Saddle Up in Comfort

    Trail saddles offer comfort features for both you and your horse, plus handy accessories. Kick off your search with our overview.  


    Overcome Fear After a Fall

    Long-time horsewoman and riding instructor Heidi Melocco relates her personal account of experiencing fear after a fall, and explains how top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight coached her back to a feeling of safety in the saddle.


    Gateway to Grandeur
    We take you to Wyoming’s Turpin Meadows, just east of Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, and gateway to the largest section of unspoiled wilderness in the contiguous United States. 

    Gooseneck or Tag-Along?
    It’s an age-old debate. Gooseneck or tag-along: Which style of trailer is better or safer or more cost effective or easier to haul? This Q&A with trailering expert Tom Scheve will help you decide which configuration is right for your needs.


Ask Julie Goodnight

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight answers readers' questions on training, safety, horsemanship, and more.

Edited and photos by Heidi Melocco

Trail Gear

Check out the latest trail gear, on-trail tests from our experts, camping gear, and more!

By Laurel Berger O'Connor

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