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Equine Traveling Papers

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD
Here’s a rundown of key documents you need when you travel with your horse. When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines. Some documents show your horse is healthy. Some will help you if you're in an emergency situation. ...Read More

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD
Time to tune up your trailer for summer's trail-riding adventures. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here's a handy checklist....Read More

Camp Canada!

by Shawn Hamilton
Five, four, three, two, one, and off he goes!; Sipping a glass of wine poolside, I watched the crazy whitewater rafter plunge headfirst into the chilly Ottawa river attached to a......Read More

Article Archive

The Arizona Trail

by Jule Drown

Fewer than 20 people have ever ridden the entire National Arizona Scenic Trail, known as the Arizona Trail, which winds 820 miles from the Mexican border to Utah.  Those who have managed to ride... Read More

Protecting Your Horse From Strangles: Using Fly Control as Part of Your Strategy

How Do You Keep Your Snotty Nose Horse Out of Harm's Way? Read More

Go West!

by Kent & Charlene Krone

Pull on your cowboy boots, and enjoy all things Western in Bandera, Texas, in the heart of Texas Hill Country. For top trail riding, here’s the inside scoop on four area destinations. Read More

Wyoming-Border Breakdown

by D. Lee

This horse owner’s truck became too damaged to drive in a remote area near Sheridan, Wyoming, with his field-trial dogs and horses back at camp. Read on for his account, and how he got back on the road, with the help of USRider Equestrian Motor Plan. Read More

Golden Trails

by Cynthia McFarland

For trail-riding paradise, head for Golden Acres Foxtrotter Rest ‘N’ Ride, nestled in the heart of Florida’s Horse Country. Read More

Stop a Grass Grabber

by Clinton Anderson

If your horse is busy eyeing his next meal rather than paying attention to you, gain control with Clinton Anderson’s three-step technique. Read More

Practical Products: Enhance Your Horse’s Health

by Lauren Back

Does your horse need a little extra help to keep him at his best? Use these seven innovative supplements and treatments to enhance your horse’s health. Read More

Our Current Issue, April 2015:

  • Canter into Bliss

    Saddle up — and roll out your mats — for Julie Goodnight’s yoga and riding retreat set in the rustic elegance of Colorado’s C Lazy U Ranch.

    by Shawn Hamilton

  • 10 Top National Parks

    Stunning national parks from coast-to-coast welcome you to you’re your own horse on the trails. Here’s a rundown of 10 top national parks to explore from the back of your equine friend.

    by Audrey Pavia

  • Go West!

    Pull on your cowboy boots, and enjoy all things Western in Bandera, Texas, in the heart of Texas Hill Country. For top trail riding, here’s the inside scoop on four area destinations.

    by Kent & Charlene Krone

  • Trailer Loading Made Easy

    Teach your horse to follow your direction and load in the trailer every time you ask with help from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

    by Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight ~ Photos edited by Heidi Melocco and Steve Schott

Next Issue, May 2015:

    Northword Ho!

    Ride and camp in the pristine beauty of British Columbia’s Shuswap Country with our exclusive from-the-saddle report from Kent and Charlene Krone. 

    Live it Up!

    Planning to invest in a living-quarters trailer? Here’s a handy trailer-shopping checklist, plus layover pointers and a quick pre-trip check-over.

    3-Step Balking Fix

    Does you horse balk at trail obstacles? Train him to step over, onto, and across any obstacle with this three-step fix from top trainer/ clinician Julie Goodnight. Safety bonus: Helmet-fit tips for just kids.

    The Trail Home

    Equestrian communities offer miles of trails right outside your doorstep. Find out if the lifestyle is right for you — and peruse tempting properties — with this rundown of 18 equestrian communities around the country. Plus: Nine property-hunting tips.

Ask Julie Goodnight

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight answers readers' questions on training, safety, horsemanship, and more.

Edited and photos by Heidi Melocco

Trail Gear

Check out the latest trail gear, on-trail tests from our experts, camping gear, and more!

By Laurel Berger O'Connor

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