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Horse-Rescue Story: Lucky

by Purina Animal Nutrition
Lucky was living in cramped quarters, blind in one eye, and had a Henneke Scale body-condition score of 1. Then Equine WellBeing Rescue stepped in. Read on for Lucky’s rescue story. ...Read More

Horse-Rescue Story: Ramius

by Purina Animal Nutrition
Ramius was a stray stallion with a Henneke Scale body-condition score of 2. True Blue Animal Rescue brought him back to health. Read on for Ramius’ rescue story. ...Read More

Equine Traveling Papers

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD
Here’s a rundown of key documents you need when you travel with your horse. When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines. Some documents show your horse is healthy. Some will help you if you're in an emergency situation. ...Read More

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Hurricane Emergency

by Carolyn and David Chapman

These dedicated North American Trail Ride Conference competitors had to rush home from an event due to hurricane threat back home. Then they experienced two tire blowouts. Read More

The Arizona Trail

by Jule Drown

Fewer than 20 people have ever ridden the entire National Arizona Scenic Trail, known as the Arizona Trail, which winds 820 miles from the Mexican border to Utah.  Those who have managed to ride... Read More

Summer Day Rides

by Audrey Pavia

Here’s a trail-riding guide to Fishtrap Recreation Area near Spokane, Washington; Custer State Park near Rapid City, South Dakota; and Shenandoah National Park near Richmond, Virginia. Read More

Seen Anything Interesting?

by Bonnie Davis

It always amazes me when folks come back from a horsecamping trip or a trail ride and when asked if you saw anything interesting, they reply "NO" My biggest problem when I go trail... Read More

Northward Ho!

by Kent & Charlene Krone

Ride and camp in the pristine beauty of British Columbia’s Shuswap Country with our exclusive from-the-saddle report. Read More

25 Cozy Bed & Barns

by Audrey Pavia

Here’s the scoop on 25 cozy bed & barns, where you can vacation in style with your own horse, from coast-to-coast. Read More

Our Current Issue,
June 2015:

  • Buy a Horse Online

    You’ve perused online websites for your dream horse. Now, you’re ready to buy. Learn the secrets to success — and avoid potential pitfalls — from the experts


  • Adopt a Wild Horse

    Are you thinking about adopting a wild horse? Here, we tell you how to determine whether a wild horse is right for you, then give you expert adoption guidelines.

    by Audrey Pavia

  • To The Rescue

    Ready to adopt an unwanted horse for your next trail mount? Use these six steps to give a formerly abused or neglected horse a loving forever home.

    by Cate Lamm

  • Smooth Operator

    Here’s how to find a smooth-gaited trail horse that’s right for you.

    by Kent & Charlene Krone

  • To Buy or Not To Buy

    Expert stock-horse evaluation guidelines form Julie Goodnight.

    by Heidi Melocco with Julie Goodnight

Next Issue, July/August 2015:

    Stay-Cool Solutions

    Help your hardworking trail horse stay cool this summer — and dress to stay cool on your rides — with the right tack and apparel.


    Get the Right Gait

    Learn how to get the right trail gait for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.


    Discover Your State Parks

    State parks, often overlooked, offer scenic riding trails and horse-friendly campgrounds. Here, we take you to gems in the mountains of Montana and Idaho. 


    Trailer Weights Demystified

    Our experts explain what you need to know about your trailer’s weight, so you can select the right tow vehicle for safety and control.


Ask Julie Goodnight

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight answers readers' questions on training, safety, horsemanship, and more.

Edited and photos by Heidi Melocco

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Check out the latest trail gear, on-trail tests from our experts, camping gear, and more!

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