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Equine Traveling Papers

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD
Here’s a rundown of key documents you need when you travel with your horse. When you travel with your horse, you need to carry a number of documents, especially if you're crossing state lines. Some documents show your horse is healthy. Some will help you if you're in an emergency situation. ...Read More

Trailer-Tuneup Checklist

by Rebecca Gimenez PhD
Time to tune up your trailer for summer's trail-riding adventures. A well-maintained trailer will be safer for both you and your horse than one in shoddy shape. Here's a handy checklist....Read More

Camp Canada!

by Shawn Hamilton
Five, four, three, two, one, and off he goes!; Sipping a glass of wine poolside, I watched the crazy whitewater rafter plunge headfirst into the chilly Ottawa river attached to a......Read More

Our Current Issue, November 2014:

  • Winter Riding in Arizona

    From November through April, the warm, sunny Arizona desert offers winter trail riding at its finest. If you plan to head to this area this winter, here are some helpful hints from a local.

    by Julie Down

  • Appalachian Adventure

    Our intrepid adventurer risks a mountain ride on a cold December day, and discovers the joy of quiet trails aboard a smooth-gaited horse.

    by Cate Lamm

  • West Texas Sojourn

    Ride the high mountains and cactus-studded deserts of West Texas with our from-the-saddle report.

    by Kent & Charlene Krone

Next Issue, Jan/Feb 2015:


    We take you to an Anna Twinney horsemanship clinic at the Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch in Shell, Wyoming. Find out how Twinney’s Reach Out to Horses method can help you on the trail and off.


     Kettle Crest Country, located in Washington’s Colville National Forest, offers high-country trails, comfortable horse camping, a backcountry cabin and corral, and the luxurious K Diamond K Ranch.


     This winter, keep your trail horse respectful and obedient with these ground work exercises from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.


Ask Julie Goodnight

Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight answers readers' questions on training, safety, horsemanship, and more.

Edited and photos by Heidi Melocco

Trail Gear

Check out the latest trail gear, on-trail tests from our experts, camping gear, and more!

By Laurel Berger O'Connor

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